Domenick Sebens

Domenick Sebens was born in Helena, Montana and knows Western Montana like the back of his hand.

After high school, Domenick spent five and a half years primarily as an airborne infantryman in the United States Army stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and some time in Helena, Montana in the National Guard. While in the Army, Domenick mastered discipline, time sensitivity, and teamwork.  Not long after moving to Missoula, Domenick took a temporary position as a server in a local establishment, this helped Domenick realize his desire to be of service to others and refueled his passion for helping people.  Domenick is a confident and independent person, a self starter with a strong competitive edge. He will be starting out as an Inside Sales Agent to assist our clients in setting up their customized property searches, walking buyers and sellers through the purchasing process and scheduling appointments. He is motivated to put in the work to help the people of his community find the right home, and we are thrilled to welcome him to our team!